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Amen Gospel Media was founded by Brother Lawrence Joseph and Sister Carmen Lawrence on February 14th 2004. As many of you are aware Amen Gospel Media has been given as a ministry by our Lord, as it is mentioned in Gen 24:50 - “This is from the Lord”. God has done many miracles through this radio ministry. He is using Amen Gospel Media mightily in many ways to fulfill his plans. Amen Gospel Media does not associate with any church nor denomination. It is solely run by the passion and thirst for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Amen Gospel Media has expanded their territory, in May 15th 2010, by including a Sinhala Christian FM. Sinhalese and Tamils are the main languages spoken in the island Sri Lanka. They are from the Indo-Aryan ethnic group. The vast majority of the Sinhalese are Buddhists and speak Sinhala language. By diversifying to various languages Amen Gospel Media hopes that their desire to meet every tongue and nations will be accomplished. To have a program in Sinhalese language also to fulfill the need of the Sinhalese people, who are living in Canada and around the world.

The Sinhala Christian FM will be a division of Amen Gospel Media.



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